OK, the purpose of this page is to get AND KEEP contact information.  No more running around like crazy every five years trying to find where everyone is.  Please take a moment to open an account and enter your contact information here.  You can update it yourself as you relocate!  As you can see from the page, contact information is not otherwise publicly available, and yet we are able to reach out to each other.  Ah, the wonders of the communication age!

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Scott Asbury
Commerical Insurance Married 2
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Kelley Ashbrook
Telecommunications Manager Married 5
I was away for 25 years either serving in the military or department of defense. I worked for Bell Atlantic which merged with GTE to become Verizon which finally led me to transfer to California. I appreciate gettng to know my fellow graduates and regret not being able to attend our reunion.  I can be reached at the El Centro Regional Medical Center.
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Norma Acosta (Benito)
Deputy Executive Director of Finance Married 1
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Leonard (Lee) Bruenning
Account Manager Married 3
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Thacker Burden
August 06, 1963 Papermaker Single 1
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Kathi Ellingwood (Burdge)
student Divorced 3
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Laura Moreno (Campbell)
Married 2
Leslie Yamashita (Casey)
Married 2
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Mike Davis
May 14, 1963 Manager Married 3
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Matt Dhillon
Management Consultant Married 6
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