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Wilmond Woo
September 21, 1963 Married 2
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Renae Doshier (Wren)
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September 15, 1963 Specialized Academic Instructor Married 2
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Richard Zelonis
Mental Counseling Single 4
I was born in Madrid, Spain in 1963, lived in Madrid, Spain until 1980. I have traveled to Asia, Middle East, Europe, Canada, Mexico, and South America and all over the continent of the United States. I graduated from Centro Union High School in El Centro, California in 1981. 

I have earned my BS in Human Services from The University of Phoenix, Santa Teresa, NM in 1993 and Master’ in Business Management from Colorado Technical University in 1996 and a Doctored in Natural Health and Naturopathy Medicine, from Clayton Collage of Natural Health in 2000. I am fluent in Spanish.

If there is anything in life I strive for, its respect, Integrity and loyalty. My mission in life is to utilize my experience, education and ideas for a better future. My goal is to teach and lead people into a balanced lifestyle and better their identity and some of its impact on their behavior. And my vision is to challenge the opportunity for a better tomorrow.

I am a disable military veteran that has seen death, havoc and chaos. I am very hip to the street game, I am whether and rusted. I am intuitive and have limitless imagination and extreme desire for creation, an explorer of new frontiers and seeker of the unknown, unusual, undiscovered and with the possibilities of a new life-cycle for happiness and optimism.

I am a seeker of long-term achievement, accumulated knowledge, accomplishment, fulfillment, and with profound transformation. I hold myself together under pressure, face challenges and my rebound ability totally rock. I am driven, persistent and strong. I like to be playful, silly, and have fun. Lover of romanticisms of art and poetry, activism, humanitarian and lover of Mother Nature and father of deer hunting. All equal in my eyes....

I am an eccentric individualist that is compassionate, sympathetic and empathetic and always have time for others. I am just plain unstoppable! I am a person of diversity that believe in equality and freedom, which enjoys learning and trying new things! I enjoy listening to New Age, Classical music and Nature sounds. I do live the new age movement, along with studying Universal Truth, and practice many forms of Religions, to include practicing many forms of Alternative and Naturopathic Medicine, including meditation, yoga, Tia chi, Qi-gone.

I am spiritual and spiritually connected to a higher consciousness; I’m passionate in my beliefs and a strong believer in equality between man and woman.

I live a Buddhist way of life and my dharma name is Shiva Chakra which means "Perpetual movement". It was given to me by a Buddhist Priest, Maha Vajra, also known as by birth name François Lépine. 

But then on the other hand, I choose not to be a part of a materialism world of the superficial, brainwashed extremists that believe in the hierarchy or patriarchy system.

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Mitchell Zinn
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Marriage Counselor Married 1
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